Parking Lot Striping

Striping is the final touch that adds a tremendous amount of appeal and controls the parking and traffic flow.

There is one thing for sure. You can take a perfect paving or sealcoating project and completely ruin the appearance of the whole job with a sloppy striping job. Straight, crisp, clean lines and stencils are a must. Lights and Lots sealcoat chalks all lines on new layout striping to insure perfectly straight lines. We use only high quality tough wearing traffic Paint.
STL Sealcoating Offers Parking Lot Striping in St. Louis, MO

Striping and Marking Specifications:

  • Striping can be done approximately 3-4 hours after the sealer has dried
  • Time will vary depending on temperature.
  • All lines will be applied with a state of the art POWRLINER 800
  • All lines will be four inches wide. They will be straight and uniform.
  • All stencils will be clear and well defined.
  • Latex paint will be used on asphalt surfaces that are sealed.