Specializing in Sealcoating, Crack Repair, Striping and Pot Hole Repair


Asphalt surfaces are very porous, and water absorption causes asphalt's foundation to deteriorate, causing asphalt to weaken and crack, especially in the winter. Other elements such as gas, oil, antifreeze, salt, sun and oxidation can also cause soft and weak spots to appear.

Pothole Repair

Infrared asphalt recycling is in-place reheating of asphalt by means of energy producing equipment designed to soften without burning, which allows for reworking the pavement. Infrared pothole repair recycles existing material and consumes 80% less energy.

Crack Repair

There are many causes of cracks in asphalt pavement: Oxidation from the Sun, Water Penetration, Freeze/Thaw Cycle, and a Poor Paving Job just a few. Proper crack repair will prevent water from penetrating the crack, and provides a seal between the crack and the sub-base.


There is one thing for sure: You can take a perfect paving or sealcoating project and completely ruin the appearance of the whole job with a sloppy striping job. Striping is the final touch that adds a tremendous amount of appeal and controls the parking and traffic flow.